Honda Rear Seat Cover in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Serving Aventura, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Margate, & Pompano Beach, FL

A Honda Rear Seat Cover from Holman Honda in Fort Lauderdale, FL ‐ serving Aventura, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Margate, and Pompano Beach ‐ gives your Honda's rear seats extra protection from wear and tear with its durable structure.

If your back seats are a carousel of car seats, friends, and the family dog, you'll likely start seeing wear and fade on your once pristine seats. Installing a Honda Rear Seat Cover gives your rear seats full protection as it covers their entirety, including the headrests. To install child/infant car seats, discrete openings in the seat cover let you easily and securely attach them.

Covers are made from Neoprene, a wetsuit-like material that's water resistant and offers flexible durability. So go ahead, let your kids bring that ice cream cone in the car.